FSA geïntegreerd carbon MTB stuur “KFX SIC” voor Gravel Beach


Wil je je MTB of Gravel bike kabel vrij maken van kabels? Dan is dit FSA stuur je kans!
The integrated KFX SIC (Stable Integrated Cockpit) carbon handlebar eliminates “superfluous” components for maximum lightness. Compatible with the FSA ICR system, it allows the completely internal passage of up to 5 cables.

  • Integrated Cable Routing (ICR) system.
  • Includes top cap with integrated quarter turn computer holder.
  • Width 780mm.
  • Effective length of the binding: 65mm.
  • Effective angle of attack: -12 °.
  • Back Sweep 9 °.
  • Up Sweep 5 °.
  • Effective Handlebar Rise 5mm.
  • Head tube angle: 69 °.
  • Weight: 265 grams (65x780mm)
  • Material: Carbon