Groupset 1x13s Campagnolo EKAR HD DB

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The Campagnolo EKAR is the first 13speed and dedicated GRAVEL groupset, the lightest in the world also.
What’s so unique about EKAR is its easy shifting with your thumb in your upright position. This is the most relaxed way of shifting gears!
The EKAR group is 13speed high tech, the only in the world and in its simplicity so effective. Disc braking from Campagnolo is world class.
Our secret tip: install the EKAR group on a road bike like our AERO 20!

The Campagnolo EKAR and Chorus thumb shifters are perfect for Gravel riders and riders with their hands on top of the handlebar!
You use your thumb to shift gears, no need for an uncomfortable big sweep with your full hand.
Campagnolo is an Italian brand and manufactures its parts and components in Europe and Taiwan.

– cranks of 38T, 40T, 42T, 44T
– cassettes of 9-36, 9-42, 10-44
– hydraulic disc brakes
– 140mm discs
– 13 gears! (1x13s)