Pirelli P7 Sport, Race/Training

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Pirelli P7 Sport is de ideale training- en raceband met een hoge kwaliteit-prijs verhouding. Ideaal voor vele probleemloze kilometers.
De 28mm versie met – afhankelijk van je gewicht – tussen de 5.5 en 6.5 bar luchtdruk geeft je een heerlijk comfort.
EAN: 8019227402186: 26mm black
EAN: 8019227402193: 28mm black


The Pirelli P7 Sport is an all-round road bike tyre with a focus not so much on performance but more so on many carefree kilometres. It is comfortable, durable, puncture resistant and offers all the grip you need. It is a tyre that does not excel in any particular aspect, except for its very long life, which makes it highly suitable for the average cyclist.

So, the Pirelli P7 Sport has been developed with a focus on a long life but also on exceptional safety and grip. You’ll appreciate this when cornerning in variable weather conditions, or when forced to make an instant emergency stop.


In technical terms, the P7 Sport has a solid 60 TPI nylon carcass with an additional cut-resistant fabric just below the tread. Pirelli calls this TechBELT, as it is a type of ‘belt’ designed to provide superior puncture protection in a wide variety of road and weather conditions.

PRO Compound
The compound of the P7 Sport is the new PRO Compound, which focuses on high mileage with less wear and more grip. The latter is also guaranteed by the special tread design, which consists of a combination of several layers and reduces the warm-up phase of the tyre.